We create strategic processes that reduce unnecessary re-work and unnecessary wait time, and make more effective use of tools and technology.

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Stability of the Patient Record is a key, because it doesn’t just track patient care, but everything throughout the system

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The system converts data to knowledge/information and ehance good communications for more collaborative, proactive patient care

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(1) Life Jacket

(2) App

Life Jacket has sensors embedded in it and each sensor communicates with the software wirelessly.

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The System

All the readings from the software are being sent to the Health-Care provider

Each message goes along with a call-to-action tag which shows the level of urgency needed for the Health-Care provider to check and take necessary action.

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Patients need not worry

Most of the anormallies in the health of the patients are carefully and thoroughly monitored.

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Health-Care Providers

Health-Care Providers are provided with a tool to semlessly monitor their patients

These tools bridge the gap in the healthcare decemination to patients and enhance real-time communicattion among parties.

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Our Founders

Here are faces of the founders of LifeGuard Solutions. They are sure doing a great job.

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